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A migration of love event on April 27, 2015 was created by Whitney Freya, who certifies Creatively Fit Coaches at We showered Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest with images of our ELEPHANT PAINTINGS as an #ARTreach to inspire the work of Creatively Fit Coach Antonella Bargione. On that same day, in Zimbabwe, Antonella  gathered with a tribe of elephants and a tribe of women to honor the divine feminine LOVE embodied and preserved in both tribes. But which one is healing the other? The elephants are our healers. Here is my artwork that was created with watercolor pencils and oil pastels as Artist Trading Cards because I also was in an ATC Swap during the same time. These cards are now in collections across the United States. Paint your own experience through the heart of your elephant, that is your own heART! - See more on Whitney's website at #ElephantLOVE  and her Pinterest Board. Here is the link to my ElephantLOVE Pinterest Board also.

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"To send light into the darkness of men's hearts  -  such is the duty of the artist." ~ Schumann